How can I remove hyperpigmentation spots on my face?

Hydroquinone (HQ) +. I find otc hydroquinone based products generally ineffective. Prescription based hq products such as triluma can be effective in many cases of hyperpigmentation. If the hyperpigmentation is due to a deep form of melasma, however, even triluma may not be enough. In difficult cases, proven chemical peels along with rx hq based products and daily sunblock can work for many patients-see your derm md.
Depends. Hyperpigmentation can be due to acne, trauma or melasma. Depending on the severity and the chronicity, you can try different things. Definitely depigmenting agents such as triluma, Retin-A & hydroquinone 4% 2x/d can help. If they have been there for a short period of time, peels/microderm can help; the deeper ones will need lasers or deeper peels. Also taking vit d and b insures good healing.