Swollen face from infected tooth spread up to eye on right side. Painful near nose. Partial root canal, done=penicillin. Time until swelling ebbs?

Phone Call... Call your treating dentist immediately. You're asking for a specific time for the swelling to subside, which cannot be determined based on the little information posted. Infections like this may need to be surgically drained. Make the call...
Swelling. This can be serious. Please call your dentist or endodontic specialist. Antibiotic may help in time, but call now to be sure.
The swelling. will resolve generally in days. but this sounds more is going on. see your dentist asap.
See your doc. If you still have the swelling then you infection may not be controlled. You need change antibiotics or even use i've meds. See your doctor again, make appointment asap or go to er.