Can pelvic pain due to late period & ovarian cyst rupture also cause abdominal pain?

Pelvic pain. A late period in itself should not cause pelvic pain. Rupture of an ovarian cyst can - sometimes the (follicle) cyst that released the egg, e.g., at the time of ovulation can fill with blood. This is called a hemorrhagic cyst (cyst filled with blood). The blood in the cyst can cause distention and the pain from that distention can radiate into other parts of the abdomen.

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If you had a large ovarian cyst & it ruptured causing pelvic & abdomen pain how long does it take to heal? I'm a really skinny girl & sensative

Depends. If the cysts was a simple cyst it usually resolves in 3-7 days if it was not a simple cyst, it may require some attention if it was an endometriosis cyst it can take weeks to settle down if it bled inside, it can take a week to settle down. Read more...

Pelvic pain on lower left side for 2 months. Used the bathroom&seen bright red blood, had a period 2 weeks ago I have Ovarian cyst&fibroids what's wrong?

Pelvic pain. May be period variation, or could be related to fibroids/ or cysts, or can be an associated vaginal/PID infection, like mycoplasma, ureoplasma (treat with doxycycline( do not take if pregnant) and add Flagyl if concern for PID) . May consider sonongram.Check blood /urine HCG. Read more...