For arthritis can I take the glucosamine and hyaluronic acid and get more improvement?

Maybe. I am not aware of taking hyaluronic acid by mouth. This is usually injected into knees with arthritis. Glucosamine may be helpful for some. I usually tell my patients to try it for about 10-12 weeks. If they do not notice a difference it is not helping and to stop it. Talk with your doctor about it.
Won't hurt, won't hel. 2.8 billion dollars are spent on these otc supplements, without concrete evidence of benefit. The cochrane institute wrote an article saying no convincing evidence. The only people "hurt" are those who are diabetic; or those who need the money for other purchases. Ken brandt, et al, showed in a fed-funded multiple site study, that Doxycycline minimized the progession of djd. Google brandt & djd.