How to treat mulluscum lesion?

Be patient. Molluscum lesions are cousins of the wart & are a transient problem for a kid & will gradually become irritated & fall off over a 3-4mo period. Kids that scratch at them may spread them over a broad area. They can be frozen or removed with various agents, but the process will leave a scar. Most that self shed will leave a temporary mark that fades in a year.
Molluscum search. Hi. In addition to asking your question, you might want to use search for more information on molluscum there is also an excellent gov site on molluscum contagiosum if that is the topic you want: http://www.Ncbi.Nlm.Nih.Gov/pubmedhealth/pmh0001829/.
Self-limited. They are from a pox virus, not a wart virus. Usually they resolve spontaneously after a few weeks or months. Any irritation helps cure them. Sometimes they are troublesome. There are several easy treatments which do NOT leave any scars. Lifetime immunity follows either way.

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How do doctors treat a mulluscum lesion?

Physically. Typically, these umbilicated papules, occuring either individually or clustered, are removed one by one with an instrument called a currette. Read more...