Ins. Refused pet scan. Say mri/ CT w/o iodine (allergy). Just as good at finding problems? 2 yrs post hr re cc met. Pet oct.'12. See profile for dx.

I agree with. Insurer. U/s and mr of liver better than non-contrast ct. There are preps to try, but need contrast timed to check for liver metastais. Two year disease free interval is good for you. Pet scans are very expensive and not clearly more sensitive. I'd get mr.
Pre-medication. The newer low-molecular dye is much less likely to cause reaction than the older dye. You can also be premedicated prior to getting the dye procedure. I am not opining on whether pet is better but just wan opine on what may help you get on with diagnosing your disease. If your doctor feels that pet is absolutely needed, he can try to appeal for an approval. (sad that bottom line calls the shot).