Intensely foul smelling flatus and poop--sick or food poisoning?

Could be either. You need to get the appropriate lab tests. Rotovirus in kids and c.Difficll enterocolitis both cause foul smelling feces. C. Diff can be fatal if not treated properly.

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For the past 10 days I am having to go to bathroom multiple times in the morning with burning anus, bloating & gas? Is it food poisoning?

Gastroenteritis. This sounds like acute gastroenteritis - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pains, fever, chills and sweats are all possible components of this. Could be viral or food-borne, BUT I'd think this is lasting too long, unless you tell me that you ate fried rice before this started as there's a bacterium in fried rice that can cause symptoms for upwards of 14 days. But you may need a CT scan now. Read more...