What is the etiology of prostate cancer?

Not known. There does not appear to be any specific etiology for this since it eventually appears in nearly all men if they live long enough. It is seen more today because testing picks it up more in asymptomatic men. Men often die without knowing they have it because they die of some other cause, and it may be found if an autopsy is done.
No single cause. Prostate ca does not seem to have a discreet cause (s) (unlike lung, oral or cervical ca). Like breast cancer, the likelihood of developing the disease is due to an accumulation of risk factors which include, having a prostate, having testosterone, age, race and family history, diet, and other soft risk factors (more or less in that order).
Cancer. Nobody knows the answer to this question....Cancer is abnormal cell growth...Causes attributed to environment and genetic risk....That's the best I got or you...

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Causes of prostate cancer?

Three Main Things. At this time, there are no known direct causes for prostate cancer. Three factors are known. As men age, the risk for prostate cancer increases. Race also plays a role in risk (aa > whites > asians). Men with a primary relative (father, brother) are at the most increased risk for developing the disease. At 40, a rectal exam and psa blood test are the best way to start screening.
Prostate cancer. Prostate cancer has many different potential causes. Older age, family history, and being an african american all increase the possibility thant a man may develop prostate cancer. Other causes include a high fat diet and exposure to agent orange. Recent research suggest that certain infections of the prostate may also increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Symtoms of prostate cancer?

Non-specific. Autopsies of elderly men who die of multiple causes often discloses an occult prostate cancer, meaning that some cancers never cause any symptoms at all. Others will cause the same symptoms of benign prostate enlargement (frequent urination, getting up at nite to pee, hesitancy, etc.). Once the cancer spreads to the bone, pain can develop.
Asymptomatic. Prostate cancer at its early stages is generally without symptoms or warning signs. As prostate cancer grows, it may cause urinary obstructive symptoms. In advanced stages with bone metastasis it may present with bone pain.

What causes prostate cancer?

Multifactorial. There is not a definitive cause of prostate cancer. However, there are many associated risk factors which include age, race, lifestyle, medications, and genetics, to name a few.
Risk for prostate CA. No one knows the cause but there are several things that increase risk: age (over 65), race (african american have increase while asian have decrease), family history, location (living north of 40' latitude. Decrease vit d?), smoking (with aggressive prostate cancer), diet (increase calcium and lack of veggies) agent orange, and lack of exercise.
Prostate cancer. In brief, we do not know what cause prostate cancer but researchers found some risk factors that may lead to prostate cancer such as inherited DNA mutation of certain genes cause about 5% to 10% of prostate cancer and acquired DNA mutation of some genes also a risk factor and high level of some hormone such as testosterone or insulin-like growth factor-1 also is a risk factor for prostate cancer.

What causes prostate cancer?

Genetic changes. Alterations in the dna of cells in the prostate gland lead to the development of prostate cancer. Many different kinds of genetic changes can occur. Some are inherited, but most occur due to environmental influences such as diet, infection, and inflammation. A low fat diet high in fruits & vegetables seems to be protective against aggressive prostate cancer.
Here are some... Every disease is a process of lifelong making of combining unmodifiable genetic factors & modifiable lifestyle over time, leading to altering cellular stability resulting in mutation. However the exact causes are still unclear although sex hormonal and nutritional imbalance has been speculated. More? Ask urologists timely.

How do avoid prostate cancer?

Healthy Lifestyles. Prostate cancer is quite common in males >70 years but it is rarely of any consequence because an average patient with prostate cancer lives for>15years. This is the reason for not to even do psa test for >70 year old males. On the other hand we promote healthy lifestyles to prevent chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer, both of which can be minimized by cutting out animal fats in our diets.