Penis sore and just got an epidermal cyst removed. Whats wrong with me?

Nothing... Now that the epidermal cyst has been removed. The penis may be sore for a while. Since it is psychologically your most tender piece of jewelry, the pain may be (psychologically) prolonged (pun intended). Very important concept: pain has two components: the actual physical pain caused by peripheral pain sensory fibers, and the central nervous system, where 'pain' has been imprinted years ago.

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I have a sore penis, and growth on my pelvis. I just got a tattoo, and had an epidermal cyst removed. What could be the problem?

Depends. Where did you get the tatoo and where was the cyst? The growth would need to be seen to be evaluated. The sore penis... Is it sore to the touch, sore to pee, sore all of the time? Depending on where the pain is and type of pain, it could be anything from an infection to trauma. Read more...