Will the endodontist lower price? Charged 1700 on top of dentist's 1500 for crown

Ask questions. It is always wise to discuss the fees prior to starting treatment. Fees are often regional, but are largely determined by either 1) the maximum allowed fee based on contractual agreement with an insurance company or 2) whatever the dentist decides is fair. Root canal therapy fees vary widely. Some endodontists will spend more time on a case and charge more (good), some less time and charge more.
No. Most dentists will not negotiate their fees. You can save some by having a general dentist do the endodontic treatment. Many general dentists can do this procedure as well as an endodontist and typically charge less. In monterey i charge $1150 for molar endo and $1290 for a crown as a general dentist.
Of course. Try to shop around and ask many friends and relatives. Especially during this bad economy many dds do bargain. Try more senior dds who may be less money hungry.