What are symptoms of lymphoproliferative disease

Thanks for asking! Signs and symptoms of lymphoproliferative syndrome include: - enlarged spleen - enlarged lymph nodes (esp. Neck and underarm) - enlarged liver - skin rashes - low platelet count (bruises, nose bleed, hemorrhage, petechiae) - anemia (fatigue, pallor) -neutropenia (prone to infections).
Plenty. Lymphoproliferative disorders are a large group of diseases where lymphocytes are involved. Include leukemias, & lymphomas. Depending upon the area of the body they affect. They act like cancer, make lymph nodes get bigger. May cause fever, loss of weight, night sweats, fever of unknown orinen, masses or lumps, abnormalities on ct scans.Lymphoma may mimic many other conditions.

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It was suggested here I might have Lymphoproliferative Disease because of elevated AFP but is that possible with only 15.4% (1.4k/ul) Lymphocytes?

Whoa. AFP / alpha fetoprotein is not a marker for lymphoprolifrrative disease, and neither is one's lymphocyte count -- that's lymphocytic leukemia. Don't give a second thought to a mild elevation of AFP-- reference ranges are set so that a few percent of healthies fall outside on either side . Read more...