Want to lose sum weight, what contains more fat sugar, starches or carbohydrates which should I cut off or consume less of? Wnt mostly to lose belly fat

Eat less ; exerc. The key to losing weight is not a temporary diet but permanent changes. Sugars ; simple carbs from grains esp. Cause weight gain. It's also wise to avoid fried foods. I like dr. Furhman's diet: http://bit.Ly/1dhw9ht dr. Weil has useful info: http://huff.To/19ygs8y- see his "discuss that" link in his article. Exercise is also important! it's also best to choose organic foods:http://bit.Ly/19x.
Calories. to lose weight you need less calories intake in a day than you use. Consult a dietician. Eating high fiber foods, slows down the insulin response to sugar in the blood and may prevent the deposit of fat in certain areas of the body. This might help you with preventing more belly fat. Try to be active as well, even a few small walks at work during the day will help increase your metabolism.