Tingling and numbness in arm, is that from cervical radiculopathy?

Could be! Cervical neuropathy which is compression of a nerve root in the neck as it exits from the spinal cord through the neural foramen of the spine in the neck, usually from an arthritic spur or herniated disk, often causes paresthesia (tingling) and anesthesia (numbness) as well as, potentially, pain that can, depending on which is involved, go down the shoulder, neck, chest, back, and/or arm.

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I have a herniated disc at c6c7 pinching a nerve causing cervical radiculopathy down my arm. Will the pain and numbness go away suddenly or gradually?

Gradually. A special pillow for sleeping, maybe with mild sedation. Avoid shoulder straps or holding a phone with your shoulder up to your ear. Heat and relaxation exercises. Get up from your desk frequently and walk around.
Either or. Sometimes people get lucky and the pain may go away suddenly, but most patients with a structured physical therapy program, possible medication use, heat to the area, etc., . will see a gradual improvement. Best wishes.

I have burnin pain on forearm, started with diffuse tingling couple months ago, do I have cervical radiculopathy? Burning not specific to dermatome

Couple thots. Doubt this is due to problem in neck, and rather might wonder about problem with radial nerve if over top or forearm (dorsal interosseus syndrome), but if over inner surface could be median such as pronator syndrome, and even less likely anterior interosseus syndrome. An EMG could help sort this out.

Can burning gnawing pain in the neck be cervical radiculopathy or rsd? I have burning down my arm also please help any thoughts?

Sometimes. Only by evaluating the underlying processes will answer your question. Many times the symptoms you describe can come from spasm of the muscles of the neck and upper back. Rsd or complex regional pain syndrome as characteristic features that are sometimes merely severe muscle spasm which is a very different situation. A physical medicine of physical therapy evaluation can sometimes sort this out.

Could cervical Radiculopathy shoulder and arm symptoms from severe foraminal stenosis C5c6 wax wane but is always at at least a 3 pain level?

Yes. Sorry to hear about those symptoms, if you haven't already you should tell your doctor who did the foraminectomy from 10 ytears ago. Good luck!