Is it normal to still of pain and clicking in the knee after 5 months of having a scope done? My knee hurts a lot on the outside of the knee?

Depends on problem. Some problems can take months to resolve after athroscopic surgery, but if your pain is unchanged or is different, please follow-up with your surgeon. Pain on the outside can be from ligaments there, or could be referred from something inside. Clicking in and of itself is not necessarily "bad" but if with pain needs attention.
Clicking. The clicking that you are experiencing may not be unusual depending on what pathology was found during the procedure. If you had arthritis or chondromalacia you may still have a rough surface that is causing the clicking. You may want to ask your surgeon if a cortisone or gel injection will help your pain.
Possibly. If the conditions that created the original knee problem have not been changed, strain/damage can continue to occur. Have your fp or orthopedic surgeon re-evaluate your knee. Keep weight down; don't torque knees when exiting a car; use caution when playing sports that involve rapid change of direction.
No, but depends... Generally after a simple knee scope (debridement) and with appropriate postop rehab/physical therapy you should see improvement in 6-8 weeks. Talk to your surgeon as there are many reasons why you could still be hurting; common ones include insufficient rehab or joint had more advanced damage than anticipated preop. If you are still unsure, get a second opinion from a knee arthroscopy specialist.