Abdominal ultrasound:what does the following mean? "the liver shows mildly increased echogenicity compatible with fatty infiltration. No focal hepatic

Fatty infiltration . Is also called fatty liver. This is a condition known as steatosis in medical terms. Steatosis can lead to liver damage which can result in cirrhosis. Steatosis is associated with metabolic syndrome which is a collection of problems including diabetes and high blood pressure. You need to see your doctor and possibly a gastroenterologist if you liver labs are too bad. Time to start eating healthy.
Fatty liver. Your report shows increased fat in the liver. This is most often caused by being overweight though there are other causes.

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My abdominal ultrasound shows that my liver shows increased echogenicity; what does that mean? Also shows my CBD. 40cm; what does that mean?

Further testing poss. Increased liver echogenicity can be indicative of many things, the most common of which is fatty liver, a common problem for people who are overweight. The CBD is the common bile duct, which is normally less than 1 cm, so 0.40 cm is within the limits of normal. Read more...