My 9 yr old son started complaining of itching to his penis area. He did say he noticed he had some redness to his foreskin only. What cream is good?

Could be normal. Jessica - in an uncircumcised boy, around the age of 10, the foreskin can start separating from the head of the penis (normal) and there can be some redness or irritation that goes away on its own. Before putting any extra creams or ointments on, make sure he's practicing good hygiene (cleans in shower beneath foreskin and dries well), and if present >1 week, should get checked out.
Have a look. If you have not seen the problem, you should have a look at it. Make sure he is pulling back the foreskin to urinate and also during a bath to clean the head of the penis. Likely will resolve the issue without need for cream. If doesn't resolve, see md to evaluate.
?Retractile foreskin. Most common reason for such complaints at this age is a tight foreskin, it becomes uncomfortable when he has an erection or presence of smega .More so if any foreskin adhesions persist. Suggest you check this yourself. His dr. Could prescribe some mild steroid cream such as betaval if foreskin is tight. He could try a little vaseline if foreskin retracts + there is no adhesion or smegma present.