I have severe pelvic pain which intensifies with intercourse. Have spoke with gyno and she has found no probs. What should I do next?

Pelvic pain. Given that there is no gyn issues you would also want to see a urologist to ensure there is no urological issue. If this comes back okay then seek the input of a pain specialist.
Re-evaluate. You may need to be evaluated by a pelvic pain specialist in order to ascertain whther there are othe subtle reasons for your pain .
Pelvic pain. Severe pelvic pain needs a diagnosis. If your first gyn was unable to find a diagnosis, you need a second opinion. Has an ultrasound been done? Next step is laparoscopy. Two of the more obscure causes of such pelvic pain are endometriosis (laparoscopy required for diagnosis) and vulvar vestibulitis (tender swelling of glands in vulva). Also rule out pregnancy (ectopic).