I need advice on how to potty train my daughter who is speech delayed and will be 3 in july. She won't tell me when she needs to go potty. Advice?

More. Dr franz gave excellent information. But never underestimate the broad spectrum of a toddler's non-verbal communication. Given that the child is language delayed, knowing her "body language" will be of tremendous help, not only for potty training, but for language development. Since there is some developmental delay, be very patient to avoid frustrating the child.
Training... Take her sunup to sundown every two hours to the potty. Do not ask if she has to go, ..You just take her. You will catch her at times she has to go and not others. This takes patience and persistence and about 2-4 weeks to pee train. Poop usually comes when they are ready...Most people poop 30 minutes after eating so you may try potty sitting 30 minutes after breakfast . She will get it in time.