Due to my poor choices, I now have to have all my teeth pulled and get dentures. (no other options) is it safe for me to be sedated with my BP issues?

Discuss w/ surgeon. Sedation is generally safe and can be used on patients with multiple medical conditions, but you should be discussing this with your oral surgeon. Without a medical history and examination, no one is going to clear you for this procedure. Have your oral surgeon consult with your physician.
Yes but be careful! I agree sedation for full mouth extractions would be safe with ones BP under control. However, be certain to advise your doctor of any allergies or breathing issues like apnea and other condition that may be problematic while you are under anesthesia. Also, if you been advised not to eat or drink 12 hours prior to anesthesia, it would be wise to comply.
Hi BP and ext's. With a medical clearance from your physician and in the hands of a qualified oral surgeon (and anesthesiologist if necessary) the risks are minimal and you should be fine with proper preparation and monitoring. This is an issue that you should discuss with the os and md so you are comfortable with your treatment.
Not uncommon. Your healthcare provider (anesthesiologist, surgeon) will monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and EKG, will record your heart's electrical activity. If concerned, ask your doctor for more information.
Discuss with Surgeon. Discuss this with your Oral Surgeon or whomever is providing the sedation. Good Luck.
Sedation. Your dentist will check your blood pressur and if it is too, high then you would not be a candidate for sedation. If your blood pressure is under good control with medications then the procedure is safe. Make sure you tell the dentist all of your medications.