Trying to stop tramadol but don't have enough to wean and can't get to doc, I am terrified because I've been there before, any advice?

Tramadol. If you have the ir and not the er, then you should be able to cut the pill in half and take that, also another way is to decrease the frequency of use during the day. This will clearly give you extra time - time enough to get to see the md.
Don't panic. Tramadol (brand ultram) is a pain medication only distant relation to opiates such as codiene, morphine, oxycodone, oxycontin. The withdrawal syndrome generally is not as bad as those, but each persons chemical makeup differs. 'i've been there before' is pertinent; addictive predisposed? Suggest calling local er, where drugs r 'their thing'' nd er may call poison control center. Or just go there.