What is the best birth control, in your opinion and why?

Depends. If you never want to get pregnant again, the best thing is for you and your partner to both have your tubes tied (tubal ligation for her, vasectomy for him); if you want to consider getting pregnant, but not for several years, a Progesterone iud like mirena, (levonorgestrel) is a good choice. If you want to try for a pregnancy sooner, and can remember to take a pill every day, the pill; if forgetful, Depo-Provera provera.
IUD/Implant. Regardless of your age, blood pressure, family history, or reactions to other birth control, the most effective and safest methods of birth control are long-acting progestin-only methods, such as the implant or the hormonal IUD, which decrease rates of endometrial cancer and decrease bleeding. They're safe, reversible, and don't affect weight gain/mood. They're almost as good as getting sterilized.