How can I clean out my system?

WHOA ! Please do not fall for the hip or the fringy. Politely, the flora in your colon is a necessary delicate balance. Surely you would hesitate before flushing out your circulatory (blood) system. Do be careful and sensible.
Please don't. Your system is not "dirty", and does not need to be cleansed, no matter what you've read online or anywhere else. There is not a shred of credible evidence to support any of those "cleansing" philosophies. There are a variety of legitimate, effective treatments for psoriasis that your dermatologist will be happy to sort through with you to find the one that works best for you.
How to be healthy. I agree with the other answers here, but i would like to add something. I think you are asking how you can have a healthy and clean body. This is easy advice, though hard to do. As michael pollan says, eat food, not too much, mostly plants. Exercise for an hour every day. Drink no more than 1 drink of alcohol a day but lots of water. Sleep 7-9 hours a night. Don't smoke. Good luck!
Colon cleansing? run. The colon cleansing advertisements are every where! they promise to rid of your impurities..Sure they help you poop more than usual, but that is all they do. There is nothing stuck-on-colon wall and so cleansing agents don't clean anything. Best is to eat healthy/balanced diet, keep ideal body wt, exercise regularly, sleep well, reduce stress, don't smoke/do drugs..See doc regularly! good luck.
Which system. The body is made up of lots of different systems. Which system would you like to have cleaned out?

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How can I clean opiate out my system is there a home remedy?

Cleaning your urine. Unfortunately NO - except time and plenty of fluids. Assuming this is due to you needing a drug test for work - using the current technologies opiates can be detected from 1-3 days after last use. Even drinking plenty of fluids will decrease your urine's specific gravity - causing issues with the test and raising suspicions. If you have specific questions or want more info consult me. Read more...
Can not. No home remedies. Your liver and kidneys will clear it with time. Usually a few days to undetectable quantities. Hair will contain opiod traces for a long time. Read more...