What are the complications associated with meningitis?

Depends ! Mild viral meningitis may be a short illness, bacterial meningitis is fatal in a few days if untreated we also have fungal and tuberculous forms the complications depend on the age of the patient , the severity of the illness and the speed of diagnosis and treatment mild to severe neurological deficits can occur.
Bad, if bacterial. Bacterial meningitis can cause brain damage (with bad outcomes such as deafness, blindness, inability to do everyday activities, . . ., and possibly death). The routine types of viral meningitis usually resolve by themselves, with the patients returning to normal. There are some less common types of viral meningitis that do cause damage. These are reasons why meningitis is a serious illness.
Brain damage. Brain damage, hearing loss, cerebral palsy, mental retardation hydrocephalus and death are all complications of bacterial meningitis. That is why prevention with vaccination against hib, pneumococcus (prevnar (pneumococcal vaccine) vaccine) and meningococcus (with the Menveo or Menactra vaccine) is so important.
There are many. Complications of meningitis that is not treated early include deafness, brain damage, loss of a limb (particularly if it is Meningococcal meningitis) and potentially death. Meningitis is a very serious, life-threatening illness that in some cases may be prevented by immunization. Early treatment is paramount to preventing any of the potential life threatening complications.
Depends. It depends on the type of meningitis and the severity of infection. After recovery from most types of meningitis, people can commonly have headaches/migraines, cognitive slowing, etc. For the long term effects that typically go along with the type of meningitis that you or your loved one have, check with your doctor.