Dr martin raff,i had PPD test last year for immigration request. Not sure PPD or tst?they inject into skin. Place on my hand red. Make TB reactive?

PPD (TB skin test) The skin reaction to the PPD Mantoux skin test needs to be a certain size for it to be considered reactive. The cutoffs vary depending on the rest of your medical history. Always request that the person who reads your TB skin test to document their findings, with the date it was planted, the date it was read, and the size of induration (if any).
Tuberculosis. No. This is not a sign of reactivation. A positive PPD is determined by the size of the diameter of hardness under the skin at the site of injection in 24 and 48 hrs. The significance of the size will depend upon who you are and your health status and age. The only purpose of the test is to determine whether you have living TB bacteria in your body. They are often inactive.