Hi my mother recently on the 27th of feb got angioplasty in dubai and everything wentfine the onlything is shehas aflight from dubai to madrid3rdmarchcan shetravel itsa long flightdoctors heresay yes

Flying after stent. The dates you mention are in the past. But if someone has an uneventful stent placement and is doing well afterward, it is generally fine to travel a week later. It is important for her to take her prescribed Aspirin and clopidogrel (plavix) without missing doses (carry the medications on the plane so they don't get lost if luggage is lost).
Ok. If she has had no major heart muscle damage, has no symptoms and is taking her appropriate medications she should be able for the long trip. I would have her avoid carrying heavy bags or walking long distances briskly through the airport to and from the gates, however. Flying itself is not a problem for her.