My daughter is 7.5mths pregnant her back water broke and now she has green discharge?

Ruptured membranes. Once a woman's bag of waters ruptures she needs to call her doctor and be seen. The diagnosis of ruptured membranes can be hard, but it is important to make. Greenish discharge may be the passage of meconium from the fetus. That may be because the fetus is breech or because the fetus is in distress.
Call her OB MD now! Have your daughter call her OB for evaluation immediately. Once the bag of water is broken infection can cause complications with the mother and fetus.
Ruptured membranes. Green discharge associated with ruptured membranes can either be signs of an infection or be me continuum stained fluid which can be a sign of fetal distress. Me continuum is unusual to see this early on the pregnancy.