I waitress and my fingers randomly break out and are red and itchy and have tiny bubbles w clear fluid in them what can I do cortizone (hydrocortisone) doesn't help?

Cortisone cream... ...Is the right idea; it's just not strong enough. This is dyshidrotic dermatitis, which was called "housewife's eczema" back in the old male chauvinist pig days. Common triggers are hand washing, cleaning chemicals, and stress, all of which i'm sure you encounter in your workplace. What you need is a stronger (prescription) cortisone cream which you can get from your doctor or dermatologist.
Dishidrotic eczema. This blistering type of eczema is twice as common in women than men.People are more likely to develop dyshidrotic eczema when: they are under stress, they have allergies, such as hayfever, their hands are often in water or moist, exposes their hands to chromium, cobalt, nickel. The condition seems to appear during certain times of year. Prescription cortisone is helpful.