Reasons for feet peeling?

Many reasons. There can be many reasons for the skin peeling of your foot. The most common is probably an athletes foot infection. Or it may just be dry skin.
Many. There are many reasons; allergic reaction, eczema, congenital skin disorders, bacterial infection, medication reactions, resolving edema, and more. But by far the most common cause is athletes foot.
Feet peeling. Skin peeling from the bottom of the feet can result from a few different causes. The most likely reason is a fungal infection, although this condition is more commonly associated with skin peeling and itching between the toes. Three other possible causes include having an illness with a fever, a disorder called reactive arthritis and an irritant or allergic reaction.
Feet peeling. As you can see from the other great answers, there are a lot of causes for this. The best thing to do is see your podiatrist for an evaluation and a treatment plan.

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I wear socks all of the time. Could that be a reason my feet stink all of the time and have started to peel? I haven't noticed fungus. Please confirm.

Smelly feet, peeling. & fungus. You probably need an anti-fungal and need to see your doc for and exam. Peeling MAY be because oil in your body is too low. Good oils such as coconut and olive oil in your diet may help. Change socks once or twice daily. Put feet in direct sunlight when possible. Peace and good health.
Water Water every... Smelly feet are usually associated with hyperhydrosis or sweaty feet. Bacteria live and die in the wet world of your feet. Typically by simply using a drying agent to cut down on the perspiration, practicing good hygiene and airing out your shoes, the problem will stop. This is a long term treatment and if stopped the smell will return. To remove all doubt consult with a specialist.