How does post nasal drip work to cause shortness of breath?

Postnasal drip. Postnasal drip (PND) by itself does not tend to cause shortness of breath (unless you just mean difficulty breathing through your nose). The most prominent symptom of PND is nagging, annoying cough, and having to clear secretions from the back of your throat. You may also experience significant nasal congestion. Thus, if you are truly feeling short of breath, you should consult a doctor.

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Nasal congestion which causes shortness of breath especially at night when lying down. Not a mouth breather. Is it normal with stuffy nose? .

Expected. With an upper respiratory tract infection to have some shortness of breath, especially at night, lower airways can be affected too causing such, if you are really suffering see your doctor, you may need some inhaler bronchodilator to use as needed during this attack of upper respiratory tract infection, or may need to see an allergist for comprehensive assessment, goodluck.

Mr. Farmer is 68, has a history of copd, and is complaining of increased shortness of breath and nasal congestion. What is it?

Go to ER., There are many possible causes of these symptoms. But, increasing shortness of breath is potentially life-threatening and should always be evaluated by a doctor asap! This person could have acute bronchitis, bronchospasm from any etiology, pulmonary embolus, sinus infection, etc. Any of these could worsen his respiratory status and can result in acute respiratory failure in a COPD patient.

Diagnosed with Gerds my symptoms dry throat, shortness of breath, nasal congestion, globus. Silent Reflux. How to Naturally heal throat and esophagus?

GERD. Please repost and define your notion of "naturally." Please consider health & disease overall; in other words, how would you define treating, say, a heart attack or stroke or life-threatening high blood pressure or status asthmaticus or uncontrolled seizures or severe GI bleeding "naturally"?

My upper respiratory symptoms are runny nose 24 hour, mild cough, shortness of breath, nasal congestion, stuffy nose. So kindly tell me the best medicine?

See below. You have a cold. I recommend an over the counter decongestant either phenylephrine nose drops or spray or pseudephedrine tablets (the ones locked up behind the counter). Use them for only 3-4 days to avoid rebound phenomenon. You could also take tylenol (acetaminophen) for pain relief and throat lozenges if sore throat. Take Robitussin-DM for cough. Keep yourself well hydrated and you should get better soon.

I am suffering from catarrah runny nose nasal congestion cough with shortness of breath phelgmin upper respiratory tract I cannot go to doctor.

Cold or allergies. Your symptoms can be from a wide variety of ailments. How long have you been suffering from these symptoms? If they recur continuously, you may be suffering from nasal allergies and secondary asthma. If this is an acute problem you may be suffering from an infection.