I am 24 years old I have maybe if I'm lucky 1 period a year. I want to have a baby but have been unsuccessful in the last 6 years. Any help.?

Hormone evaluation. There are many different causes of irregular cycles, so a hormonal evaluation by a reproductive endocrinologist is needed. Irregular cycles can be a sign of an underlying medical problem, and once fixed, can restore normal cycles and fertility. Sometimes medication is needed to induce ovulation, but the choice of medication will depend on the findings from the evaluation.
Trying to get preg. Why so infrequent a period - that is the first issue -? Hormonal or thyroid issues. This is something you need to be checked for. Both you and your partner need to be checked - your partner needs a sperm count. You will need additional testing to determine why your menses are so infrequent. From there - you will need to see if you are ovulating. See your doctor for this.