My pdoc advised me zoloft, (sertraline) anafranil and zyprexa. My weight increasing very rapidly. Shall I take glucophage for weight loss without prescription?

Please don't. Anafranil is reported to be associated with weight gain in up to 18% & increased appetite in up to 11% of people. Zoloft is associated with weight gain in 1% to 10% of people. Zyprexa has been associated with weight gains that are greater or equal to 7% of a person's body weight in up to 89.4 % of people. Please talk to your doctor about considering a different atypical antipsychotic. .
No. The first thing is to look into healthy diet and exercise routine. Although, the above medications can cause increase in appetite, you should be able to change your diet to eat healthier to minimize their adverse effects. Also, you should work with your doctor and see if there are less aggressive weight gainer alternatives that can be used instead of some of those meds (abilify (aripiprazole) vs. Zyprexa).