I'm taking 20mg of citalopram once a day and bupropion sr 150mg once every morning, is it ok to cold turkey these drugs n if not how?

Cital no, buprop yes. Stopping either or both of these should be done in consultation with your prescribing doctor. There may be less drastic dose adjustments and alternative treatments to consider, etc. However, to answer your question, bupropion usually can be stopped cold turkey, while citalopram is best decreased gradually to avoid discontinuation (withdrawal) syndrome.
Slow, caution. I would guess you know these are powerful ''mind meds'' and you should do this with a psychiatrist you are comfortable with. And let's find out what is stirring you so. Tomorrow seems like a good time to be kind and good to yourself. You need an experienced partner for this serious medical decision.
Don't do it. Depending on how long you've been on these meds, they need weaned by a physician.