How does someone know if they have rust poisoning? Would antibacterial soap get rid of infection

Are you saying... ...That you cut yourself with a rusty blade, or stepped on a rusty nail? If so, you'll need a tetanus shot if you haven't had one in ~5 years. Soap (antibacterial or otherwise) will help cleanse the wound, but if the object is rusty it's probably dirty too, so infection is a real possibility. See your doctor. Btw, there is no such thing as "rust poisoning.".
Please elaborate! Rust=iron oxide and poisoning or toxic level is very unsual. Stepping on rusty nail won't do it and if consuming enough to cause poisoning will like cause lots of GI distress first. Superficial skin contamination/abrasions can be washed with soap and water..Antibacterial soap does not add much value at all, just more chance of creating bacterial resistance. Consult doc if u r concerned. Good luck.
Rust poisoning. Rust poisoning does not exist "per se". What can happen is that you got an infection because the blade was not sterile. The best you can do is to go and see a doctor, don't play with your health.