Right big toe hurts after eat anything with ground beef in it feels like it needs popping hurts when bend it could it be gout? Gout at the age of 22?

Possibly yes. It can. Occur in twenties. Is there a family hx of gout? Best thing you can do is to see your pcp or a specialist like an orthopod or a rheumatologist. The pcp can have blood drawn to look for the level of uric acid . To confirm the DX one wouod need fluid from the inflammed joint. Seeing your pcp would certainly help you. Good luck.
It is possible. Gout involves the accumulation of uric acid in your blood. It despots in joints, most commonly the big toe. It could very well be that is causing this. Since you are suspicious of this, get it confirmed by your physician. A blood test can see if your uric acid levels are high. Medications, such as nsaids can relieve the acute symptoms of gout.