How is hemophilia diagnosed?  

Hemophilia panels. There are very specific panels to measure the overall clotting of the blood, and the exact measurement of the clotting factors involved with coagulation. In general hemophilia refers to hemophila a (a decrease in factor viii) or hemophilia b (factor (ix).
Examination/ testing. The first step in diagnosing hemophilia is an interview with the patient. During that interview, the physician records the medical history of the patient and the patient's family. The next step is a physical examination, followed by blood tests to measure how long it takes blood to clot and whether any clotting factors are at low levels or missing completely.

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How is hemophilia a diagnosed in people?

Coagulation studies. If someone is suspected of having a blood clotting disorder, then that person usually undergoes a series of tests called coagulation studies to determine if they have any of a number of different blood clotting problems, including hemophilia. Read more...