Ekg say flat t waves in v4v5v6.Check av block of higher degree. Absolute arrhythmia, atrial flutter. Inferior myocardial infarction, probably old, normal?

It is hard to . Say based on your description, but it sounds abnormal of course, you should see if there is a clinical correlation. Review it with your doctor and compare it with old ekgs. This will help determine the next best step.
NOT NORMAL. This report isnot normal nd we can not comment on this without looking at the ekg tracing i will suggest you consult a cardiologist and let him/her look at the ekg in context of your history, family history, physical exam and looking at the ekgfor advice you mention too many abnormalities on ekg report, which is confusing.But it seems to be abnormal ekg. So cosult cardiologist asap.