Healthy young teen with sharp headache behind rt. Eye radiating up towards corner of head, no other symptoms. Cause? (eye test ruled out need 4 glasse

Headaches. See a neurologist. You may have migraines.
Headaches. If you haven't already, see a neurologist . If negative, find someone who can treat trigger points- A "knot" in a muscle can cause pain at a point distant to it- The sternocleidomastoid muscle is one of the most common areas.Other possibilities are the temporalis, masseter and splenius cervicis muscles.
Possible must strain and neck. It might be helpful to get an osteopathic musculoskeletal examination done to evaluate symptoms, and see if it's related to a posterior atlas component, that has radiation to the eyebrow or behind the eye. If so, then usually, once that's adjusted, the symptoms go away. If not, then you have to look deeper into other causes, which might be related to the occipital lymph nodes, or frontal sinuses.
Multiple. The cause could be numerous and we would need much more information and the ability to examine you to know for sure. Most headaches occur in otherwise healthy people and this may be the case if they are rare. There are numerous causes like migraines, tension, and cluster headaches to name a few. Please see your physician so they can do a more complete evaluation and hopefully help.