I have extremely high blood pressure been on all kinds blood pressure meds after 2 weeks body gets allergic and have to stop taking why?

BP Help. There are many things that affect blood pressure. Amphetamine can cause high blood pressure. Other factors include, weight, diet, and sodium intake. To help control blood pressure, exercise daily, limit alcohol to less than one drink daily. Follow the d.A.S.H. Diet. (dietary approach to stop hypertension) see dashdiet.Org.
Side effects? What do you mean by allergic? If you are on amphetamine, it will likely be difficult if not impossible to control your blood pressure. Allergy to BP pills is very rare but side effects are common especially with the ace inhibitor type of med. Talk to your doctor to see if there is a substitute for amphetamine. Regular exercise will help reduce your BP as would be weight reduction if applicable.