How long should it take for a toenail removal to heal had it taken off on 2-14-14?

Toe nail. This should have healed by now. If it is still not healed please go and see the doctor that did the procedure for you.
Should be healed. It should have healed by now as it is almost april 2014, unless you had a complication like a secondary infection or if you have medical conditions that delay healing. Remember also that the toe is the furthest from the heart with the main blood supply and takes longer to heal. It also takes 10-11 months for your toenail to grow back. If it's not healed yet, i would see your doctor.
Couple weeks. That really should heal within just 2 - 4 weeks. Medical conditions such as diabetes can affect/slow healing. If your wound is not healing then the possibility of infection must be considered, so see your physician for further evaluation/treatment.