What are good play activities for a sickle cell anemia 3rd grader?

Sickle cell and play. The activities that a patient with sickle cell disese can participate in depend on the individual and their baseline hemoglobin level. Some patients get too fatigued to do anything that requires much exertion. Others can play b-ball as long as they stay well-hydrated. Encourage your 3rd grader to do what they are interested in, and modify their participation as needed based on your observations.

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What are some ways to help yourself with sickle-cell anemia?

You can't prevent it. Sickle cell dz is a constitutional disease caused by a mutation in codon 6 of the beta globin gene that changes glutamate to valine in the encoded protein. There is no way to prevent it. The best advice is for you to receive regular care in a comprehensive center by expert teams who manage sickle cell dz and care for its sequelae. Sequelae are both acute and chronic with progressive features. Read more...

What happens if hug a black guy will I get sickle cell anemia?

No. 1. All "black guys" don't have sickle cell anemia. 2. Sickle cell anemia is not contagious, it is caused by mutation in a gene that is not transferred by "hugging". . Read more...