Yesterday I swallowed chicken with little bone. Now I couldn't feel any symptom such as pain. Is there any specific symptom could I feel if got stucked in esophagus. I havea gastritis. Differnt sympto?

You would know it's stuck in your throat. If it was stuck in your throat, you would have pain in your throat, and it would feel like something's not going down completely. So that's good. The gastritis may or may not be related to that. Chances are higher if the bone was small enough, and it's in your food, and passes out of your body as stool, you should have no problem. If the gastritis continues however, you need to contact your pcp, and have this examined further.
If stuck. You feel the sensation of a something stuck in your throat and pain.If your your airway difficulty breathing. The pain from your gastritis may be burning while if the bone may be sharp.If you have no symptoms then piece of bone could be in your toliet.