Is drinking orange juice bad for a baby?

Juices not needed. Juices are the equivalent of giving a baby a coke. The sweetness factor contributes to water refusal. If u want baby to have the benefits of an apple, give apple sauce;oranges, peaches, pears, grapes etc. All benefit the child more when given as a natural food, not a refined extracted juice.
Yes. It can promote cavity forming bacteria to live in the mouth. These bad guys live at the base of the bacteria pyramid and are hard to get rid of.

Related Questions

Is drinking orange juice bad if you have osteopenia? Because of the acid and bone loss?

Nope. Some of the orange juice is even supplemented with calcium, which may be helpful if your diet is deficient. The "acid" in orange juice is not harmful.
No. Orange juice will not be a problem. If you have osteopenia, you should be taking vitamin d and calcium in the proper dosages. Also, if you happen to be on synthroid, it is even more important to take these. See your md about proper dosages for you. You should also be doing weight bearing exercises 3 - 5 times a week to help fight this condition.

When can a baby drink natural orange juice?

9 mo, but not needed. I would say about nine months, but in moderation. Juice--even natural juice--has a lot of sugar, and isn't as nutritious as all the hype suggests. Better than 'juice drinks', yes, but not that much better. I often suggest diluting it. But, juice is not necessary for your child. It has vitamin c, yes, but that is easily obtained from many other sources.

I drink allot of orange juice, is that bad for my health?

No. Eating fruits is healthy but drinking them is not. It takes a lot of oranges to make a glass of orange juice, and you don't need that much sugar. So eat fruits and vegetables and drink milk and water.

Why should I drink orange juice if I haven't felt the baby move?

Sugar content. Drinking a cold or sweet drink can sometimes help perk up a sleeping baby. If you haven't felt your baby move for a few hours a light meal or juice can help. If you still aren't feeling your baby move, you should call your doctor to have the baby's heartbeat monitored.
Haven't heard that o. There's nothing to suggest you should drink orange juice -- your baby won't know either way.

Is one cup of home made orange juice (no added sugar) as bad as any sugary drink?

Only slightly better. 3oz of fresh squeezed OJ has 8 grams sugar and 3 oz cola has 11 grams. Thanks for trusting HealthTap!

Today in the morning I drank a glass of orange juice is it okey if I drink it at night also? Is it bad for health

OK. You can drink it anytime you want. Keep in mind it also has calories so as long as you don't overdo it, you can drink it anytime of the day.
Ok if. That is probably ok for most healthy folks...Oj has good vitamins and some fibers (pulps), but also sugar. So, if you are not really engaging in other juices/sodas/sweets etc. Two glasses of oj/day is quite all right. If you have lots of other sugars during day, then oj at night is another excess...So, use your commonsense, rorome. Stay healthy and well... Good luck.

I ate a whole organic orange, skin and all and now I have bad hives. I can drink orange juice no problems. What is in the skin I'm allergic to?

The peel? Rarely, people may be allergic to an allergen present in the peel and not the "meat" of the fruit. If your have only reaction to organic orange, then one will need to consider what has been used to grow and treat the orange when grown "organically".

I never drink orange juice but decided to have a small drink yesterday, it burned my stomach so bad and now it's hurts so bad. Is that a ulcer?

Orange juice. Contains citric acid but it is not strong enough to "burn" unless you have gastritis (generalized inflammation) A gastric ulcer is unlikely to have been "silent" until the range juice!!!! You may be one of those rare individuals who react this way to orange (and other citric acid containing) foods! Hope this helps Dr Z.