Tested for acetylcholine receptor ab panel; both binding and blocking were 0, but modulating came back at 10. Does this mean I have myasthenia gravis?

AchRAntibodies. Binding antibodies are the most sensitive--they are positive in over 80% of ms patients. Blocking antibodies are positive in about half. Modulating antibodies alone don't support the diagnosis and have a lot oof false positives. In summary the achreceptor antibody panel does not suggest that ou have ms>.
Consider these. Old fashioned tensilon test may be useful, anti-musk antibodies seem to vary in some patients, a single fibre EMG study could be useful, but as mentioned, other diagnostic answers may explain your problem.
What are symptoms. There are very few things in medicine which can be positively ruled in or out based only on laboratory data. That is never the best way to make a diagnosis. If you could describe your symptoms in more detail and some other laboratory tests that may have been obtained then, it makes more sense to answer your particular question as to whether or not you had myasthenia.