Worried about having a second carpal tunnel surgery, is there any more I can do in pt to prevent?

Depends on symptoms. Surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome (cts) should eliminate night pain, numbness and tingling associated with cts. These symptoms may not have improved since surgery, due to severe and/or long standing cts may take a long time to resolve. The transverse carpal ligament was incompletely incisied, the nerve was injured or has become scarred. Also consider diabetes or cervical nerve compression.
What have you done? Pt, steroids, splints, ansaids (flurbiprofen) and activity changs would cover just about everything you could do.
Second opinion. Although carpal tunnel syndrome can recur after carpal tunnel surgery, it's rare. Therefore, if you have "recurrent" symptoms after surgery, be sure you have been evaluated for more proximal nerve entrapment, such as in the forearm, shoulder (thoracic outlet syndrome) and neck (cervical radiculopathy). See a good neurologist or upper extremity specialist for a complete evaluation for 2nd opinion.

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What are good exercises to prevent carpal tunnel surgery?

Carpal tunnel. Here is a link to information on this subject: http://www.Mayoclinic.Com/health/carpal-tunnel-exercises/an01984/method=print make sure the problem is at the carpal tunnel. Then define the cause, including metabolic problems (diabetes, thyroid or other). Then plan treatment, sometimes with splints at night, and changed ergonomics and exercises in the day. If exercises make symptoms worse, stop. Read more...
None. There are tendon and nerve gliding exercises that have been described. I have not found these very effective in treating carpal tunnel syndrome. You can try doing exercises for a period of one month to 6 weeks. If you're carpal tunnel symptoms are not resolved i would consider surgery. Read more...