Why is female circumcision considered bad in Africa but male circumcision considered good in us?

Possibly. Because it is not standard for male circumcision to have horrific outcomes or to lead to death. Whereas female genital mutilation (that is what it really is) often leads to awful results such as severe chronic pain, hemorrhage, urinary retention, urinary tract infections, keloid scars, strictures, fistula, incontinence, infertility, painful intercourse, painful periods, neuroma, recurrent >>.
Female circumcision. Is banned in all civilized countries, not just africa. It is "criminal mutilation". Male circumcision is an accepted religious rite for jews and muslims. It prevents cancer of the penis. Cures phimosis. Reduces risk of utis in baby boys. A treatment for premature ejaculations. Circumcised fathers often want their sons to look like them. Many anti-circumcision arguments are valid. Is personal freedom.