My ankle injury keeps coming back, what's wrong?

Recurrent sprains? You may be spraining your ankle repeatedly? See a non-surgical sports medicine specialist, for the correct treatment plan. You may require physical therapy.
Chronic Instablilty. The funny thing about healing an injury to the muscle or tendons or even skin the body only heals to about 80% of its original strength. With this in mind once you have sprained an ankle you are more prone to spraining it again. It also depends on how severe the initial ankle sprain/strain was. That can make it even more prone to re-injury.

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Ongoing ankle injury. Hurts when I invert and rotate it. Waiting for X-ray to come back but now I think it's ligament damage. Serious?

Could be. X-rays only show bones and will not show ligaments. If ligament injury is suspected u need an mri. Too many doctors miss syndesmosis injuries so if after 2 weeks u still have pain get the mri. Read more...