What's the difference iin type between liver pain and right chest pain?

Chest pain. Right sided chest pain can be due to liver causes, but only in rare cases of liver abscess, hematomas, injuries. Other causes for right side chest pain may be pneumonia, costochondritis, gall bladder disease, shingles etc.
Location. Liver pain usually be in the right upper abdomen or sometimes referred to the right shoulder blade if the right diaphragm is being irritated. Right chest pain usually is in the right chest.

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I want to know what is the difference between liver pain and right chest pain?

Right sided abd pain. Liver pain and right lower chest pain will feel similar. Your doc will need to investigate your symptoms using your history, exam, laboratory testing, and imaging. There are several possibilities on your diagnostic list, cholecystitis, fatty liver, pleurisy, pneumonia, acute cardiac syndrome, pericarditis, and more.....

How do liver pain and right chest pain differ?

Maybe not. The liver is under the lower right portion of your rib cage, so you may feel pain from your liver in the right lower chest. One cause would be hepatitis or even gallbladder pain. See you doctor to find out more.

How long will liver pain stay n disappear totally? I was diagnosed about 13 months ago of fatty liver n since den I keep feeling right chest pain.

Sure its liver pain? Chest pain is nothing to ignore! The potential origin of your symptoms includes: heart, lungs, mediastinum, esophagus, musculoskeletal, pericardium (sac around the heart), pleuritis, bronchiitis, or referred pain from a remote site. Your doctor will be concerned about accompanying fever, blood with coughing, vomiting, shortness or breath, difficulty reclining, tenderness. Get checked now please.