What are some alternative treatment on cavity in teeth?

Cavities. Teeth with cavities require that the decay be removed and replaced with some form of restoration. If that is not done, the decay will eventually destroy the tooth, cause an infection or both. See a dentist to discuss treatment options and preventive care.
Only one option. See your dentist for evaluation and x-rays. Treatments for cavities include fillings, crowns, extractions and root canals. Do not delay.
Extraction. Carious lesions need to be restored by a dentist... There are no alternatives. Failure to restore will result in the tooth rotting to the point where it is unrestorable and will need extraction. So have your cavities restored.
Cavities. Some dentists are using different kinds of abrasion techniques, topical sealants and lasers to treat cavities. It is no longer the case where every cavity needs to be treated using a dental drill. Newer technology has proven to be effective and less invasive than in the past since the goal of restorative treatment is to save and protect as much enamel of our teeth as possible.
Extraction. Decay (cavity) will progress without treatment. The decay has to be removed and the tooth restored. Sometimes if the cavity is on an erupted wisdom tooth (3rd molar), the tooth is extracted rather than fixed.
No Filling at all. Early diagnosis of dental decay (caries) can allow for interventions without the need for traditional fillings, that is, non surgical treatment. Through the use of advanced digital x rays, laser fluorescence, high magnification, and risk assessments early cavities can be reversed. If you want more information click here..http://www.laserdentistbaltimore.com/filling-free-decay-management/