What to expect when going for a fine needle aspiration biopsy of the breast?

Fast result. It is fast and informative procedure, not very painful in good hands. Smears can show benign or malignant findings.
Biopsy. A fine needle aspiration of the breast is typically performed to drain a cyst and Lidocaine may be administered to alleviate the pain. A fine needle aspiration biopsy can also be performed on a lymph node in the axilla (armpit). This is typically done without lidocaine.
Don't stress. Fine needle biopsy of breast is very tolerable and is done often without local anesthetic. A small gauge needle is placed into a nodule and material is removed. It takes about 5 seconds. Studies have shown the most critical factor in fna reliability is the training and experience of the operator. Ideally, the operator can use a microscope to check the sample for adequacy.