Should I postpone the surgery if my hemoglobin level is low?

Why is it low. This is an impossible question to answer without more information. How low is it, how old are you, has a physician figured out why it is low, what is the surgery. As you can see this is to complex an issue to any in a forum such as this what you need to do is talk to the surgeon scheduled to do your procedure and come up with a plan. Good luck.
Ask your doctor. Depends upon: 1) how elective is the surgery, 2) the degree of anemia 3) are you bleeding - and will the surgery correct the bleeding, 4) your overall health, 5) the nature and complexity of the surgery, 6) the likelihood that delaying surgery will increase your blood count.

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Is a hemoglobin level of 10.9 dangerous? My doctor said she would not clear me for weight loss surgery until I see a hematologist. Why?

Anemia. Hi
It isn't dangerous in the sense that it's life threatening. Commonly in young women anemia is due to iron deficiency from blood loss from menstruation. It's very easy to diagnose and treat but there are many other causes for anemia as well. Because there is risk for blood loss during any surgery, it is best to have your levels in the normal range before going to surgery. Hope this helps. Read more...